PhotoPath 1.2.1 available on the App Store

This new version has fixed several bugs and improved the app stability. Check the new features:

* Added contact form
* Store pictures taken with the app to camera roll
* Improved stability
* Photos that were taken with the app are saved to camera roll

I hope you love this update. If you like PhotoPath, please rate in and review on the App Store!

Thanks you all your support!



PhotoPath 1.2 available on the App Store!


* New languages: Chinese and French
* Improved application performance
* Improved image picker: way faster, with new features like rotating photos
* Now it is possible for every caption to have several lines of text
* Now it is possible to skip the tutorial
* Bug fixes

I hope you love this update. If you like PhotoPath, please rate in and review on the App Store!

Thanks you all your support!


PhotoPath 1.1 available on the App Store, ready for Christmas!

It took longer than expected, but PhotoPath 1.1 is available on the App Store This new version brings a lot of changes:

Bug Fixes

* Low resolution pictures imported to PhotoPath now are exported correctly

* Fixed a bug that happens under weird conditions that removes the filters applied to a photo

Christmas Pack

* 19 new Christmas layouts! This holidays you can amaze your friends and family with these new postcards created with PhotoPath. You get one for free. If you purchase ‘remove ads’ you get the full pack: no ads and christmas pack! And if you previously purchased ‘remove ads’ you get this for free! I hope you love it as much as a I do!

New photo layout

* In this version I have added a new 5 pictures layout. In future updates I will add more for free, 

Several captions!

* This was a very much requested feature by you. Captions has been rebuilt so you can now add as much text as you want to your photos.

I hope you love as much as I do! And remember, contact me if you want to request new features or found a bug.

Merry Christmas, created with PhotoPath

Merry Christmas, created with PhotoPath

PhotoPath, available on the App Store!

I’m proud to announce that PhotoPath, my latest app, has been approved and it’s now available for download on the App Store.

PhotoPath is an app for photography lovers, with a lot of personality. PhotoPath lets you create amazing photo compositions in a really simple manner and share them through email, AirPrint, Facebook, Twitter and Weibo (hello Chinese friends!) using the latest technology available on iOS6. Also, PhotoPath comes preloaded with several built-in photographic filters, so you don’t need to use other apps to create amazing collages in record time.

Filters (iPad)

I hope you love it as much as I do!

Talk4Me 2.0 available on the App Store

It’s been a long time since the last update of Talk4Me, but today i can say that Talk4Me 2.0 is available on the App Store.

There is a lot of changes:

* New UI
* New Icon
* Faster than ever
* Fast language selection, so you can change the language within the app without losing all your previous data.

Bugs fixed:
* Fixed a bug that cause the app to crash when you were editing a card
* Fixed the bug that provoke to not store your customizations